CoachUp connects CNET with Coach for Google Glass experiment

CoachUp connects CNET with Coach for Google Glass experiment

When CNET and CBS Interactive reporter, Bridget Carey, needed an archery coach – she reached out to CoachUp for help.

Last week we connected Carey with CoachUp Coach, MJ Rodgers, one of our premiere archery coaches.  Coach Rodgers has coached archery for over 20 years; he has coached an athlete at the 2004 Olympic Summer games in Athens, as well as the US Paralympic Archery team in London this past summer.

Needless to say, Coach Rodgers was prepared to take on the challenge that Carey brought to him.  Carey proposed that they set up a virtual coaching session using Google’s latest tech innovation, Google Glass.  Google Glass is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that is currently under development by Google.  So when CNET obtained a trial pair to test out, they brainstormed a few different applications, including this archery experiment.

Carey and Coach Rodgers set up a Google+ Hangout which allowed Rodgers, who is located in South Dakota, to view Carey’s video feed captured by the camera in Google Glass.  Carey was located miles away from Rodgers at Pro Line Archery Lanes, an archery range in Queens.  Based on that video, Rodgers gave Carey some essential tips on her form to help her during target practice.

You can read the article and view the live broadcast on CNET TV.  Should you feel inspired to get your hands on a bow and arrow after seeing the story, then make sure to check out our archery and many other coaches.


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