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Coach Spotlight Series: Alex Durham on the +1 Program and Building Trust with a Client

Coach Spotlight Series: Alex Durham on the +1 Program and Building Trust with a Client

Welcome back to the Coach Spotlight Series on CoachUp, the only place you can find insights, interviews, and the lowdown on our newest updates! Whether that’s talking to coaches, athletes, or instructors, these aim to show you a side of CoachUp you’ve never seen before.   This week’s Spotlight features yoga instructor Alex Durham as we walk through our new +1 Program and how it works.

Coach Alex gives us her thoughts on how this will affect her relationship with her clients and the benefits of a program like this. She also weighs in on what she believes to be one of the most important things required for building a long-lasting relationship with a client: trust. So, without further ado, here’s Coach Alex — be sure to head to her profile if you’re interested in finding out more!

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CoachUp: Hey, Alex, how’s it going?

Alex Durham: I’m good, how are you? I’m on my way back from my client’s place now, so I thought: “great, I’ll try to get on the phone with you now.”

CU: Perfect! Do you want to go over how the +1 Program works? I know you have a client who typically books sessions with you on a consistent basis but sometimes runs into issues booking more. The +1 Program might be up their alley.

AD: Yes, I had a question about how it works — when my client gets automatically rebooked, does she get that session for free?

CU: Nope! Let’s walk through an example — you typically book 10 sessions together at a time. If your client is enrolled in the +1 Program and completes her last session with you, she’ll automatically have 1 more session rebooked for her at the same per-session rate as her last package. So, if you charged $900 for 10 sessions, she’d get charged $90 for 1 more session when she’s all out. She won’t have to log into her account, CoachUp will just book the session for her.

AD: So, in that example, you don’t automatically book another 10 sessions?

CU: Nope, we’d just book 1 more. We’d book 1 at a time whenever she’s out of sessions. She won’t have to contact CoachUp or log into her account if she runs out and wants to book more sessions. She’ll just always have a session remaining with you unless she un-enrolls from the +1 Program.

AD: Got it — that’s great, I’ve been working with this client for about two years now and she usually books 10 sessions every 2-3 weeks or so. It’s always a hassle when she either has to call me or you to book them. She doesn’t usually have time to log into her account and doesn’t want to worry about logging in to book more sessions. Honestly, she just wants it done so we can keep meeting. Does the client have any other incentives to get into this program?

CU: Yeah, we try to eliminate that process of having to keep logging in to book more sessions for clients who find it a hassle. As far as incentives, we actually do have a few things we’re offering clients who get into this program. For clients who enroll by September 9th, 2016, all of their sessions that get automatically rebooked as part of the +1 Program will be discounted at 5%, and they will get 2,000 CoachUp rewards points as soon as they complete their first session that was auto-rebooked. They can use those points to buy more CoachUp training sessions or gear in our store.

Can I ask you another question? What type of client or athlete do you think this program works best for?

AD: Oh, anyone who’s busy, really! So long as you’ve got a good relationship with your coach and trust them, this will make life easier. If clients are booking a lot of sessions, they’re putting a lot of trust in their coach. This basically means that they’re investing in their relationship with the coach. They have to trust CoachUp too, of course, but really my clients interact with me the most, so they need to trust me.

In yoga, and every sport really, the athlete has to have trust in their coach. It’s all about that relationship, you need to know their strengths, weaknesses, and struggles — and then work together to improve on them. This is absolutely going to make things easier for me and my client because we have that type of relationship.

CU: Thanks so much Alex! We’re launching the +1 Program this week – do you think your client will be interested in enrolling?

AD: Absolutely — I can’t wait to share it with them!

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