CoachUp Awards 2014 Scholarships to Student-Atheltes

We are pleased to announce the winners of the second annual CoachUp Scholarship program. Applicants submitted essays describing how sports affected their lives, recommendation letters, and videos for consideration. The CoachUp Scholarship Program awards student-athletes who embody the CoachUp values of hard work, dedication, and integrity. The winners were awarded $2,000 towards academic expenses and $500 towards private coaching. The three awards were given to a student-athlete, an inspirational athlete, and a community leader.

The CoachUp Student-Athlete Scholarship is awarded to Reinaldo Kevin Buitron of Stamford, CT.

Reinaldo’s essay and video demonstrated his commitment to soccer and its importance in his life. Reinaldo’s sincerity and bright outlook on life made him the perfect recipient of the student-athlete scholarship. In addition to his passionate essay and creative video, Reinaldo’s letter of recommendation was glowing. It is easily apparent that Reinaldo has a positive effect on others around him. He also has a unique perspective on life having lived both in the United States and Ecuador, and he challenges himself by taking a challenging course load each year.

Reinaldo is attending the University of New Haven this year.

The CoachUp Inspirational Athlete Scholarship was awarded to Abigail Cahalan of Reisterstown, MD.

Abby’s spirit and tenacity helped her through a very difficult period in her life. In 2008, Abby suffered a brain injury during a soccer game, effectively ending her career in contact sports. She suffered from daily headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. She had to go through vision therapy to relearn how to read and attend physical therapy sessions which got her running again. Three years after her injury, Abby was captain of her cross country team and racing in the Maryland State Cross Country and Track Championships. She now speaks publicly on behalf of concussion awareness in youth sports.

Abby is attending the University of Maryland this year.

The CoachUp Community Leader Scholarship is awarded to Jenna Olson of Rutland, VT.

Jenna Olson’s passion for sports and community is the reason she received the Community Leader Scholarship. Jenna plays soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and runs track. She recently volunteered for a community youth center in Dundrum, Ireland and helped youth programs with the goal to create a youth sports complex for the community to use. She organized a 5k fundraiser to help fund the project. Not only did she generate funds for the youth sports complex, but she brought the community together through sports. Jenna showed leadership by successfully putting the event together, and she sets an example for her peers.

Jenna is attending Gordon College this year.

CoachUp is very proud to name Reinaldo, Abby and Jenna as the 2014 CoachUp Scholarship award recipients.

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