CoachUp Athlete, Lance, is on Another Level

Meet Lance, he is 9 years old and dreams of being the best wide receiver in his school. Lance is pretty much a CoachUp expert, he works with not one but two CoachUp football coaches in his hometown outside of Philadelphia.  Lance in one hard worker, he plays flag football and trains once a week with his coaches to get ready for tackle football. We caught up with Lance to learn more about his goals and find out how he managed to find two perfect coaches to take him to another level in football.

When did you start getting involved in football? I was in second grade when I started playing flag football.  I started watching the NFL and I wanted to start playing.  My favorite position is wide receiver.  I play flag football with Next Level Sports in the fall and spring. I want to play tackle football soon.

How did you and your family decide that you wanted to work with a coach, one-on-one? The reason that I wanted to work with a coach is that I wanted to improve my skills and know what I needed to know for tackle football.  My mom wants me to be safe if I am going to play tackle so she thought private coaching would help. Also, I really like to play and it is a way to get to play and learn between seasons.

How did you search for your coach and what did you look for?  I went through every profile in my area – there were 7 pages. I looked for coaches who would work with me to help me with my position. They had skills listed under specialties that I wanted to work on. My mom wanted coaches close by and she contacted my 2 top favorites.

What do you like most about your coaches? Ezra works on the techniques in lots of different situations and he knows what other players would do and how to avoid them.  Johnathan’s workouts are good for my conditioning and he specializes in my position.

What are important traits for a coach to have?   He needs to be motivating, positive and know what its like to be in your position.

What drills do you like or find most challenging? I like with Ezra this drill called First and Ten – it is a quick offense drill where you do a 10 yard route and you keep going until you get in the end zone.

Do you have any goals in football? I want to be the best wide receiver in my school.  And after that I would like to go to the NFL.  It doesn’t matter what team, I just want to go into the NFL.

Do you have a favorite team or player? Team – San Francisco 49ers. Player – Calvin Johnson.

Do you play any other sports? Tae Kwon Do

We have to thank Lance’s mom, Deb, for helping us conduct this interview and for being such a supportive parent. We’re looking forward to seeing Lance achieve his goals and can’t wait until we see him playing up on the big screen!

lance 2


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