What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

In a basketball training lesson with me, a player can expect high energy and to learn the game of basketball. I try and give as much knowledge I have to any player who works with me and make him a better overall player.

Describe what a typical lesson is like with you.

I start with warming up to get the blood flowing. Then depending on what the player wants to focus on, we’ll work on perimeter or post play. I like to get a lot of reps in for a player so he can really see himself get better during the workout and really take that home with him to work on.

Tell us about the most enjoyable moment you’ve had as a private coach.

I really have had a lot of great moments working with players. One that comes to mind is working with a young player who wanted to go to prep school and play college basketball. We worked out twice a week trying to give him as much knowledge as possible so he was ready for his tryout with the team. He is a very good player now and is having a lot of success at his new school.

Who was your favorite coach? Why?

My favorite coach was Dave McLaughlin at Stonehill College. He really got the most out of his players. He always pushed us as hard as we could go but made it a lot of fun and I had the best college experience because of it.

Describe your own experiences as an athlete who had private coaching.

I think private basketball coaching was very important to my development as a player. I would not be where I am today without it. Receiving the individual attention and really being able to focus on my individual skill was key to my success. I learned a lot about the game and was able to transition myself from strictly a post player to an all around player who can play the post or the perimeter.