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Coach Spotlight Interview: Football and Strength & Conditioning Coach Ron H.

1940f7885819eff0c58fda863cfac46d1e2fe173Meet Coach Ron H. from Georgia! Ron is an experienced football player and coach who is passionate about strength and conditioning. He has coached teams in numerous football leagues, but loves to work one-on-one with players to help them get to another level.

Tell us about your life in sports.

This is my thirtieth year coaching football and I have spent seven years coaching in the Arena 2 Football League (2000-2007). I have also coached at the high school and college level. In 2008, I was inducted into the Minor League Football News Hall of Fame and, in 2012, the Mason Dixon League Hall of Fame. I am currently preparing to coach in the Professional Indoor League with the Augusta Invaders. I have had the pleasure of working for NFL greats Ken Easley (Seattle Seahawks), Bruce Smith NFL Hall of Famer (Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins), and Sam Adams (Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos).

Why private coaching?

After leaving the Arena 2 Football League and coaching at the prep/post graduate level, I wanted to continue to work with athletes in a one-on-one setting. I love football and wanted to help athletes enhance their skill level and reach their maximum potential. Working with and coaching a player to their highest skill level, then seeing the joy of completion on their faces when they get to that level is what I enjoy the most about coaching.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

They can expect to work hard and receive a disciplined session. My main concern will be their improvement. I believe that they key to success in football is never letting your opponent rest or make adjustments. You must be physically strong and mentally ready for any obstacle in your way.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

Mike Tomlin, a fellow Virginia native, who has the respect of his players and never lets the moment become too big. He stays humble, hungry, and aggressive with a will to win!

What are some favorite moments of your athletic career?

My favorite moments are when I was inducted into the MLFN Hall of Fame in 2008, my undefeated season as a head coach in 2005 for NAFL 16-0, and my 1985 perfect season as a first year coach in the MDFL.

What other sports do you enjoy playing?

I like to play basketball and tennis.

What’s your mantra or favorite saying?

We do what we have to do, so that we can do what we want to do!

What teams do you root for most enthusiastically?

The Pittsburgh Steelers and all University of Virginia sports teams.

Coach Ron is booking football and strength & conditioning sessions now! Click here to check out his profile.

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