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Coach Spotlight: Bug Stroope Basketball

We recently reached out to Bug Stroope, our top-ranked basketball coach in the state of Colorado, to ask him some questions about his career, and what coaching means to him. Check out this CoachUp Spotlight to gain some further insights into one of our most accomplished and dedicated coaches!

Q: Which part of coaching excites you the most?

“I really enjoy the process of earning trust, watching walls break down, then ultimately helping a player achieve their goals. Whether it is a beginner or a college athlete, giving them the tools to improve, and becoming a coach they can rely on and be comfortable with is what excites me about this job. So many lessons are learned through sports. Being in a position to teach some of these lessons, is an important and great thing.”

Q: What was your first coaching job?

After playing in college, I became a student assistant at New Mexico Junior College and then the University of Memphis. I was lucky to sit in Division 1 coaches meetings and work at top-tier camps. I took a 12-year break from coaching basketball to snowboard on a professional level. During that time, I became a snowboard coach and ran a team with nationally ranked riders. Many of the same principles and coaching strategies are the same between the two sports. When my son was old enough to play basketball, I volunteered to coach his YMCA team and it only took one practice to get me obsessed with coaching basketball again.
We had a player on that team with autism. When the season ended, his parents asked if I could work with him individually because we had a good connection. That’s when I found CoachUp, and he was my first client. At the time I thought it was a side hustle, and never would have imagined that six years and 1,600 sessions later, it would be my full-time job.”

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of CoachUp as a coach?

“The best part of being a coach on CoachUp is that I can spend my time focusing on coaching rather than handling all the other things—such as taking payments and marketing myself. I also love having everything in one place. All my messages, sessions, calendar, payments, etc. are on the app which helps me stay organized. The competitor in me also really likes having the Coach Ranking and stats. It keeps me motivated to keep working my way up the leaderboard. When people ask me about the success I’ve had as a trainer, I always tell them that I attribute it to CoachUp. It sounds a little cheesy, but joining CoachUp really did change my life. As my personal business grows, I will continue to be a CoachUp coach. They give me all the tools I need to help others.”

Coach Bug Stroope coaching on the court

You can find Bug Stroope’s CoachUp profile here—if you are looking for a basketball coach in the Denver Metro area or need help analyzing film remotely, he is one of the very best you can find. Check out his page and book your next session today!

See more from Coach Bug by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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