How did you decide to become a private coach?

My father was a hall of fame coach who instilled in me the value of mastering the fundamentals at a young age.  The reason I achieved success as a basketball player was not because of size and athleticism, but rather an astute basketball IQ, a fearsome competitive nature  and an expertise in the fundamentals.  Efficient movement and technique were two of my greatest attributes and those are things that I like to convey to my clients.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

A lesson with me involves a focus on balance, footwork and cutting down on any extraneous movement.  I try to set small goals for my clients each session and help them achieve those goals.  Each lesson is catered specifically towards the client based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Describe what a typical session with you is like.

A typical lesson starts with a warm-up, usually involving a variety of Mikan drills around the basket but from different angles.  This is followed by form shooting right into a range builders, allowing the player to get the feel of the ball going in, but starting close to the basket and working their way out.  Based on the individual and their position, guards will do finishing drills, more shooting, both off the dribble, off the catch and off of screens followed by  a variety of separation moves.  Forwards will do a lot of jab series off the high post, followed by inside and outside pivot moves, shooting and back-to-the-basket moves.

What is your coaching style?

I enjoy teaching the game so if you’re looking for someone to just rebound, I’m not your guy.  I’m also very honest with all of my clients, if I feel you’re not giving 100 percent or you are doing something wrong, I’m quick to point it out but also quick to provide ways to improve and get better.

Who is your favorite coach and why? (could be a famous coach or a personal coach)

My favorite coach is my father.  He coached 4 different sports, basketball, baseball, football and tennis and was very good at relating to his players.  Not only was he able to teach the x’s and o’s of the game, but he was able to motivate young people and get the most out of each kid, helping them reach their own potential.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Watching young kids improve.  The best feeling in the world is seeing kid who listens, works hard and buys into what you’re saying.  Helping them get to that next level is always my number one goal as a private basketball coach