Breaking In Your New Lacrosse Equipment

With the start of new sports seasons usually comes new gear purchases. We all love getting new gear, but breaking in that gear can be painful and take longer than expected. Below are some tips we’ve learned from lacrosse players on TheLocker when it comes to breaking in your new lacrosse equipment.

lacrosse gear Helmet- The main difference between helmets are their fit, field visibility, and weight. The helmet should fit snugly to your head to provide optimal protection. Most helmets allow you to adjust the size, chin strap, and have many air vents to help decrease the weight. Finding the right sizing for your head is very important when choosing a helmet.
lacrosse gear Elbow pads– Anything that doesn’t pinch your arm will break in much easier and be more comfortable than pads that pinch. The more often these are being used, the faster they will break in. Wear them in practice, in your private coaching sessions, when playing wall ball, working out and lifting, or doing chores around the house.
Gloves Gloves– When it comes to gloves, you probably won’t have much of a choice since they are typically tied to the team or organization you play for. To speed up the break in time for any brand/style of glove, simply fold the fingers back and put them under your mattress while you sleep.
ToS Mesh Mesh– For breaking in mesh quickly, string it in your stick, get it wet, practice with it, clean the mesh of any dirt and mud, and if necessary adjust your sidewalls the next day.
Cleats Cleats– Unfortunately the only way to break in cleats is to practice and play with them on. A way to help them lose stiffness quickly is to practice with them wet. Stuff some newspaper in them overnight to help them dry out, and the next day you will be very happy with how much more flexible they are.
Are you asking for new gear this holiday season? See what other players are using, collect the gear you want in your “Want List” on TheLocker, and send your Locker to your parents so they can easily buy the exact gear you want.

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