Boxing Tips: The Fighting Stance

Brandon Montella shows how a proper boxing stance is important to keep your balance and protect yourself.

Hi, I’m Brandon Montella, 2012 New England Heavyweight Golden Glove Champion of a Novice Class and CoachUp coach. And this is the fighting stance. It’s important to have a proper stance because without your legs underneath you all the time, you will become off-balance and open for attack. So you’re gonna take 1 step back with your right foot. Bring our hands up, protect the sides of our face. We wanna be able to see. Excellent. We wanna become that nice linear target. We wanna sit on down on our legs so we have underneath us the whole time. Now you’re a nice linear target and everything can be deflected off you, you’re hard to hit in the body, and your legs are ready to go.

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