Book Review: The 5-6-7 Dad by Paul Reddick


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The 5-6-7 Dad by Paul Reddick is a great book for dads who desire to have a stronger bond in their relationship with their children, and is also great for coaches looking to increase their bond with the athletes they coach. This book is not about on field techniques and skills, but gaining a better understanding of what it takes to build a foundation that will help youth develop and excel both on and off the field.

This a great resource for parents and coaches to have in their library. Committing to the exercises included will also help the adult reader become better in their role as dad or coach.

Below are a few quotes from the book: 

  1. 5-6-7 conversations are what help us to stop guessing and start guiding our children toward their unique abilities. p39
  2. You need three types of connectors between you and your son: Fun. Growth. Spiritual. p 40
  3. In your vulnerable moments are when your son will learn the most from you. p47
  4. Let them stand out, let them be themselves and don’t think what motivates others will necessarily motivate them. p59
  5. Fear, intimidation, and manipulation are horrible motivators. If you scare the crap out of players, it will get them started, but it won’t sustain them. p 60
  6. The values are going to be the navigation that your families will live by and guide their lives through. p 72
  7. Try this: for every problem you discuss, leave five positives in its place. For every challenge, everything he does wrong, every mistake–you need five positives. p 106
  8. Remember ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Make sure you’re not the one pulling the water into your boat. p 108
  9. What you make important, they measure! p 109
  10. Watch your words very carefully, because not only can words land, but they can stick…Words that land stick, words that stick become feelings, and if we feel those things long enough, they become beliefs. p 117

To help the youth in our lives reach their potential, it’s important to reach ours as adults.

Youth are more than the sports they play, statistics, and wins. Sports are more than what they do on the field. Combined, what youth sports is about is who the youth are in and away from sport. 

The 5-6-7 Dad delivers on providing exercises to unleash the full potential of your son in their sport (the exercises can be used for other sports as well) and beyond. 

It will be up to you as the reader to have the courage, commitment, and consistency to go beyond the surface and apply the exercises.


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