Benefits of Personal Training For Football

Where Have You Been? Where Are You Going?

There are a few questions that an athlete should ask before looking for a private coach, they include: What type of improvement am I looking for? Am I a starter that wants to be All-Conference and/or All-State? Will I accept whatever scholarship offers I can get, or do I want to hone in on what scholarships I want? What’s next in my football career?

At each of these levels – youth, high school, college and professional – poor habits are developed that can and should be corrected. What does that mean? In most cases, small fundamental corrections can separate you from the rest of the pack. For example: take your stance. Your stance might be good, but a better, more powerful, more precise stance will give you that instant edge over your opponent. Sometimes this takes some re-learning through uncomfortable or awkward parts, but is ultimately worth it. Additionally, once the stance is perfect, then you can move onto the next step, but until it’s nailed down, the rest of your game will slightly suffer in a less efficient form.

Consider these benefits of private coaching and, if it interests you, book one of CoachUp’s private trainers! *(Related: Read our article about running back fundamentals here.

During large practices, these small faults are often missed, or there’s not enough time to stop and fix them for just one athlete. A private football coach not only sees these small details but knows how to correct them. Simply put, an hour of private, one-on-one time is more intense. Instead of just being one in the crowd, the entire focus is on you and developing your game.

It is non-stop action, training and movement. It’s just you, wanting to improve, willing to put in the extra time, energy and effort to exceed your goals and expectations. The results will speak volumes without you even having to say a word. Be prepared for the biggest moments by mastering the small ones off the field. 

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