Hitting Form

Hitting Form

Transcription: “Hi, my name is Clint Chalk. I’m a former college baseball player and CoachUp coach. And this is form hitting. Proper hitting fundamentals is important for you to hit the ball hard and succeed at the next level. Proper hitting fundamentals begin with a comfortable basic stance, which is what we like to call a shoulder width stance. You’re gonna have your feet spread out just about shoulder width, depending on the size of hitter you are, it will vary from player to player. We’re gonna be on the balls of our feet, our hands are gonna be around shoulder width high, and when we swing at the baseball we’re going to swing down on the ball while rotating our feet. On the balls of our feet, good stiff front leg. We swing down, and prior to contact we’re then going to swing up and elevate through the baseball causing the ball to soar into the outfield.”

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