Becoming an Effective Wide Receiver

Like all skilled positions, effective wide receiver play can be the difference between winning and losing for many teams on all levels. Whether it’s a tough catch to move the chains, a deep pass down the field or a short route that turns into points, receivers are potential game changers. Here are some of the qualities that the best receivers in the game possess:

Quickness vs Speed

Some of the best receivers in the game are fast, lightning fast, but more importantly, they are quick. While speed is the fast movement over an extended, usually, straight path, being quick is the ability to move rapidly in short bursts. The good news is that quickness can more easily be improved than speed. Speed ladders and agility exercises can increase your foot speed exponentially and give you that quickness needed to set you apart form the completion.


Running precise routes is the best way to get open and become a threat to defenses. Good receivers create separation through perfect routes and allow quarterbacks the opportunity to complete passes more efficiently. Take some time to study the route tree in order to improve your receiver skills.

Hand-eye Coordination

You’ve improved your foot speed and mastered all your routes; does little good if you can’t catch the ball. If you don’t have hands the size of baseball mitts, catching a football can be tough. To remedy this problem, focus on performing hand-eye coordination drills daily.

Exceptional athleticism is a gift that many receivers possess, but if you’re not born with those abilities there’s still hope. Working on increased foot speed, running perfect routes and improving your hand-eye coordination will be the beginning to you becoming an effective receiver.

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