Basketball Tips: The Two Dribble Pull Up

Former Professional Point Guard and Basketball Coach Brandon Ball shows how to execute the perfect two dribble pull up and keep a defense honest.

Brandon Ball: Hi, my name is Brandon Ball. Former pro point guard, and CoachUp coach. And this is the two dribble pull up. The two dribble pull is a great move to mix up your attack, especially if a team has great help side defense. Alright let’s say the defender is in between you and the rim, and you’ve already got to the basket successfully a couple times, or let’s say the team just has good help side. Alright well you still need to get your shot off, so you want make sure you use your inside foot. So if you’re going left: you wanna step right-left, if you’re going left, you wanna step left-right. Make sure you’re balanced, make sure you’re low, make sure your eyes are on the rim at all times. Straight up, straight down, hold your follow through, knock the shot down.

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