We recently caught up with Coach Steve E. for a Spotlight article. Coach Steve coaches basketball with CoachUp. He has played basketball his entire life and is an experienced basketball coach at both the middle school and high school level.


Tell us about yourself.

I have played basketball my entire life. I was a three year letter winner in high school and a two year starter. I made first team eastern district my senior year and second team all-OVAC. I also play basketball every week in a very competitive men’s adult league near my home. I started out coaching middle school the year I graduated college and moved back to my hometown. I was the head 8th grade coach for a year and then moved up to the head freshmen job. During the time I was head freshmen coach, I also was an assistant for the Junior Varsity team, along with the Varsity team at Edison High School. This past year I moved up to the top varsity assistant position. During this time, I have also coached basketball to a select group of elementary school students and taken them around to local tournaments in order to better the program for which I work. I enjoy coaching all ages and ability levels.

Why did you decide to become a private coach?

The reason I became a private coach is because I really enjoy working one on one with players that want to improve their game. When coaching a team, you focus more on the entire team’s improvement, but as a private coach you can really focus on the strengths and weakness of the player and help him improve in those area’s and grow as a player. I really enjoy working with players that want to improve their game and are willing to put in the hard work to get where they want to go.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

A basketball training session with me typically starts out with some basic fundamental shooting drills and techniques. Then we would move on to some ball handling drills because no matter the level, you always need to work on your ball handling. Next, we would move on to individual offensive moves, shooting, and finishing strong at the rim. If there is a specific basketball skill the individual would like to focus on improving, then I would incorporate that into the session. I always like to spend a good portion of time on defense: footwork, positioning, technique, and effort. I always like to close a session with some type of game or skills competition. This helps the player set goals for improvement for the next session and, later down the road, shows the player their improvement. I also like to give the player something I want them to work on at home between sessions. If you want to become a great player, you are going to have to put in the extra work on your own as well as with me and in practice. I have learned to adapt to a player’s needs. If the player would like to focus on a specific weakness, goal, or need, I will adapt to the athlete.



What is your coaching style or philosophy?

I believe in hard work and discipline. I like to stick to a schedule during my sessions or practices to make sure we get through everything that I have planned. I expect my players to give me 100% at all times during a session and do the best that they can in everything we do. One of my favorite quotes is “without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.” by Lou Holtz.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

I think my favorite coach of all time would have to be Bob Knight. Not only is he one of the all time winningest coaches, but he also has one of the highest graduation rates by his players in NCAA history. I really like coaches that develop their players into good young men as well as good players.

What is your favorite moment in your athletic career?

Making the game clinching steal and free throws in our sectional tournament game my senior year of high school.

Did you participate in your sport in high school and college (if so, where)?



Yes, at Edison High School.

What other sports or activities do you enjoy playing or practicing?

I also enjoy playing golf, watching baseball, and hanging out with friends and family.

What is your favorite sports related movie?


What’s your mantra or favorite saying (in the context of sport and/ or life)?



Just because you were born talented doesn’t mean you are the best. If there is someone working harder than you, that person will succeed.

What team do you root for most enthusiastically? (any sport)

Ohio State football and basketball, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Indiana Pacers

Coach Steve books private basketball coaching sessions on CoachUp, and his profile can be viewed here.