Even the best baseball players have bad games. And sometimes that bad performance can last days, weeks, or even months! Most call that series of bad games a slump. When you’re in a slump, it becomes progessively harder to gain back your confidence. The pitches you can normally hit you’re missing by a long shot or you’re swinging at pitches that you shouldn’t be swinging at. Just getting just a touch on the ball feels like a miracle. You can’t forget that baseball is more than a physical game — it is also a mental game. Professional athletes have learned how to get out of a slump and so can you.



If you find technical issues with your swing, consult with a baseball coach who can help you with your swing mechanics. In the meantime, use these baseball tips to get out of your hitting slump:

Wait for your pitch: Take a breath and don’t force yourself to hit balls you normally wouldn’t. There’s no need to waste physical (and mental) energy by swinging at pitches you’re not confident at hitting. If you see a pitch you know you can hit, take a normal swing. Chances are that you will get a hit and break out of your slump.

Don’t change your approach at the plate: This is much easier said than done. Your slump is most likely caused by overthinking. You think that maybe if you choke up a little on the bat or try a different batting stance, you’ll get something going. Instead of doing that, stick with what you know. Unless there is a mechanical problem with your swing, you shouldn’t try changing how you face a pitcher. Your hitting coach can work with you to determine if your swing mechanics are the issue.

Practice your swing: This is fairly obvious, but a good way to get out of a slump is through batting practice. Just seeing yourself hit the ball can help you with your confidence. Hit the ball hard to remember what it feels like. The pitches you get in batting practice are nothing like the ones you’ll get in a game, but just making good contact can be all a baseball player needs to get rid of any mental issues at the plate. 


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Visualize yourself hitting the ball: In baseball, the mind is  a powerful thing. By visualizing yourself hitting the ball, you will regain some of your confidence and realize that you have hit the ball before so you can do it again.

You’ll be relieved once you get that first hit. Baseball players put a lot of pressure on themselves when they are in a slump and that’s the problem. Relax at the plate, go back to the basics and you’ll be out of you hitting slump in no time.

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