Arizona Cardinals Hire Jen Welter As First Woman Coach in NFL

The Arizona Cardinals are making headlines this week for hiring the first female NFL coach Jen Welter, but those who know head coach, Bruce Arians aren’t surprised. Arians knows a good coach when he sees one, and he doesn’t let stereotypes get in the way. ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss reports, “For the last two years, [the Cardinals’ coaching staff] was a mix of young and old, black and white, experienced and inexperienced. The Cardinals have three assistants who are 70 or older. One pass rush specialist, Tom Pratt, turned 80 this summer.” He adds, “While most head coaches are looking for the next young gun to hire, Arians went looking for coaches who could teach, regardless of their age or gender. He valued their brains over their birth certificates. That’s why it’s not surprising he brought in Welter.” Knowledge of the game, experience, and a love for helping others reach their full potential. Those are the things that make a great coach. To read the full story of how Jen Welter joined the Cardinals, check out the full story on Photo credit: ESPN

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