9 Yoga Poses for a Toned Upper Body

Sure, you can hit the gym and throw around some weights to strengthen your upper body. But if you do not have the time, location, or inclination for that matter for traditional lifting, try these 9 yoga poses to work your uppers. Here at CoachUp HQ, we’ve filmed the 9 best yoga moves to tone your upper body. Incorporate these body weight strengthening exercises into your weekly routine – no equipment necessary other than yourself!

The list below includes beginner through advanced poses – listen to your body, modify, and take breaks when necessary. Do not be scared off by some of the more “advanced” looking poses though; believe you can do it, if not today, then in the future!

Poses to Tone your Upper Body:

  1. Downward facing dog
  2. High plank
  3. Low plank
  4. Cobra pose
  5. Upward facing dog
  6. Dolphin
  7. Crow
  8. Crane
  9. Upward plank

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