5 Things Athletes Should Pack for College

Every college student is different and has different needs when it comes to packing for going back to school. However, for athletes, there are a lot of commonalities shared when preparing for school. In case you are unsure about what types of items you should bring to college, here is a list of athlete essentials to have in your dorm room. 

  • A Foam Roller: No matter what sport you are involved in at school, your muscles will constantly be sore after a rigorous athletic schedule and it is important to make sure you are releasing as much stress and pain from your body as possible. Foam rolling or using a plastic roller during the day or right before bed is the perfect way to ensure your muscles are getting the proper attention they need to recovery properly, and release all the tension trapped inside your body. You will wake up the next morning feeling much less sore and ready for the day.
  • Breakfast Food: There are many days where you will have early morning training sessions, and the dining halls will not yet be open. It is extremely important that as athletes, you are eating to fuel your body before workouts. Some of my favorites to keep in my fridge for a quick, easy, and light breakfast before morning training sessions are peanut butter and jelly, protein bars, bagels, orange juice, granola, and almond milk (extra high in protein).
  • Heating Pad: Yes, the training room at the athletic center will have everything you will need to heat your muscles before practices and games, however, having access to your own heating pad can be a great way to relax your muscles before bed after a day of hard practice, or on an off day to ensure your muscles are prepared for the next time you train.
  • Extra Pair of Sneakers: Often, I found myself getting to the locker room and realizing I had forgotten my sneakers in my room. You are going to use your sneakers a lot, so I advise keeping one pair in the locker room and one pair as ‘around school’ sneakers or ‘comfort sneakers’. This way, you will always be prepared when you need sneakers for practice or lift sessions, and not have to worry about transporting your sneakers back and forth from the athletic center to your dorm.
  • Coffee Machine: Again, there are many days where your team will have early training sessions that start before the dining halls open. This means you will have to find your own source of caffeine. Having my own coffee machine made it much easier for me to make a small cup of coffee to help wake me up before training, but also helped me conserve money by not needing to constantly rely on local coffee shops.

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