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4 Conditioning Drills to Prepare You for Your Season

Prepping for the fall season? Use these four conditioning drills to boost your fitness this summer, and show your coach how ready you are!

20/40’s Drill

  • Start on one end line.
  • Sprint 100 yards in maximum 20 seconds.
  • Hit the 100 yard mark and immediately pivot to jog back to your starting point (another 100 yards). You have 40 seconds to do so.
  • That counts as one rep. Do a total of 20 reps.

25 Yard Shuttle Test

  • Start on one end line.
  • Sprint out to the closest 5 yard interval (5 yard line) and work your way out to the 25 yard line. (This is similar to a suicide drill).
  • Focus on timing out your pivot when you reach each line. Being able to efficiently pivot will greatly improve your ability to change directly fast and effectively.
  • For time and rep requirements, follow the time interval chart below.
35 35
35 45
40 35
45 30
35 35
40 40
35 35
40 40
40 40
35 Done!

Hourglass Drill


Sprint Series with a Partner

  • Begin on one end line.
  • Following the chart below, sprint out to each yard line, pivot at the line and sprint back.
  • As soon as you cross the original end line, your partner will sprint while you rest.
  • When your partner finished their rep and crosses the end line, you sprint while they rest.
  • Complete all reps for one distance before moving on to the next distance.
  • Follow the chart below.
25 5
50 5
75 5
100 5
16 5


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