3 Ways to Enjoy Every March Madness Moment

Are you ready for March Madness? I hope so because it’s here! Basketball heads are being a little less productive at work today as they try to catch some of the games. Some of you may have taken a March Madness day, and worked from home, or just stayed home period.

It is a fun and crazy time of year. When it’s over I find myself wishing I could go back a few weeks and experience again. That can’t happen, so the best thing to do is enjoy every moment of March Madness now. Below I’ve shared three things you can do, which will help you enjoy every single moment of March Madness whether your team is still alive or not.

Make it a family affair

March Madness is best when I get to enjoy it with my family. Maybe you’ll be missing work, but don’t miss time with your family. Check out these 5 ways to enjoy March Madness with your family for some practical activities to do this.

Test your March Madness knowledge

We all think our bracket is the winning bracket, until the first couple days of games is played, upsets happen, and our brackets are all but busted. The reality is there is a lot to learn about college basketball. Test your knowledge with this interesting March Madness infographic from CoachUp.

Join the March DADness Bracket Challenge

CoachUp is sponsoring a bracket. If you created your bracket on ESPN you can join our group, and have a chance to win private coaching certificates. Here are details on how to join the group, and you’ll also get a free eBook. No matter how you choose to experience March Madness, enjoy it! Cheer, scream, cry even. No matter what you do take in and appreciate March Madness, the greatest sports tournament created! How will you experience March Madness this year?   photo credit: The D34n via photopin cc

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