3 Major Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss has become a popular (and much needed) trend in this country, resulting in diet pills, pre-made meals and countless shady deals. There are numerous options that truly work, but going through your own trial and error experience can be both mentally and physically exhausting, not to mention outrageously expensive. Before you make another costly decision concerning weight loss, try these three tips and watch how you can easily transform your health.

1. Diet

As a trainer, I always recommend a change in diet for all clients that wish to lose weight. You can literally go without any exercise and drop several pounds by simply changing what you eat. Sound to good to be true? You’re wrong! If you’re currently overweight, the extra pounds that you are carrying around have a lot to do with what you’re consuming daily. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many times do you eat a day?
  • Do you snack with nuts and fruits or with processed food?
  • Do you eat until you’re no longer hungry or do you stuff yourself to capacity at every meal?

Dieting doesn’t mean eating less. In fact, you can consume more food and still lose weight. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet and decrease the pasta and meats.

2. Fasting

I know it sounds terrifying, but going without food for a little bit has so many benefits. When you fast consistently, your stomach begins to shrink in size; thus, it takes a smaller amount of food to fill you up, and eating less often means losing weight. If you can’t go an entire day without eating, maybe intermittent fasting is for you. This just means you only eat during a certain part of the day, but you can drink fluids throughout the day.

3. Exercise

One of the most common excuses for not working out is a lack of time. Dedicate a portion of your day to working out. It doesn’t have to be a two and a half hour process; start with just 10 minutes in the morning or evening when the world around you isn’t so busy. If you maximize the time, you can get the most out of every second. That beats going to the gym and doing pointless exercises that you are not sure will help you reach your goals. It’s not about the quantity of time, rather the quality.

Losing weight can be a monumental task, but you owe it to yourself to put in the hard work and sacrifice in order to improve your health.

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