The Mikan Drill | CoachUp Basketball Tips

CoachUp Coach Jordan Fliegel explains proper execution of the Mikan Drill.

Jordan Fliegel: Hi I’m Jordan Fliegel, former pro forward and CoachUp coach And this is the Mikan drill. Finishing your layups in traffic is one of the most challenging parts of the game. In order to be a great finisher, you need to master the Mikan drill. It’s really important that you keep your arms up, nice and strong, so that guards can’t strip the ball from you. You wanna step with your inside foot and power your outside leg up, through the ball, powering you up, to make your shot. And the last step is, you wanna rotate your wrist, in, to help you finish at the rim. When you’re doing the Mikan drill, it’s important that you’re not too close to the backboard, and you’re not too far away. You wanna be about right here, nice and perpendicular to the glass. Keep your elbows high, eyes on the rim. If you’re going to the left, first step small step with your left foot, big step with your right foot. Power up, with your outside knee and finish at the rim, taking the ball, out of the net, every time.

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