The Do’s & Don’ts of Highlight Reels

As an athlete, getting the attention of college coaches across the country can be tough. You can share your ability using a variety of tools. One of these tools is a highlight video. Your highlights provide coaches with action footage allowing them to further evaluate your ability.

As you create your highlight video follow these pointers:

Creating Highlight Video Dos

  • Highlight yourself before each play. This can be done w/ an arrow graphic or soft spotlight effect. Make it easy for the coach to identify YOU.

  • Include your info on the first screen – list your name, jersey number, position (and your team’s uniform color).

  • Make sure you use high-quality video. You don’t have to hire a professional videographer, but make sure you invest in a good camera.

  • Put your best clips first! You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

  • Pad the beginning of each clip so coaches get a sense of where you are on the field/court/track, and where you are in relation to other players, etc

  • Include one or two full games, either at the end of the highlight video, or on a separate DVD. Footage of full competitions gives coaches the opportunity to know your full potential.

  • Keep the camera steady. If possible use a tripod.

  • Put your contact information on the screen. That coach is going to need a number to call when he/she invites you up for an official visit!

Creating Highlight Video Don’ts

  • Over edit. College coaches don’t have time for the crazy effects, transitions, or photos. Plain and simple, they want the clips!

  • Show the same type of play over and over. Coaches want to see versatility!

  • Create a soundtrack to go with your video. We promise you, Eye of the Tiger, is not going to make you look any better (plus, it’s distracting for the coach).

  • List stats and honors on the first few screens. A coach wants to see you PLAY! (If you want to give them a list of your stats, put it at the end or in the intro letter).

  • Make a full-length feature film. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes.

  • Tip: Make it easy for the coach!

Hundreds of athletes competing against you for the same roster spots are sending their highlights to colleges around the country. Make it easy for college coaches to view you in action by uploading your video online. With an online profile like beRecruited you can showcase your academic accomplishments, athletic stats, photos and video in one location. This way all you need to do is share a URL with coaches instead of putting DVDs in the mail that can get lost in the shuffle.

beRecruited enables you to create a free profile in over 30 sports, such as Football, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Soccer, and Track & Field, to help you find your ideal college.

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