The Best 10 Minute Yoga Daily Workout

Fad workout routines come and go, but yoga has thousands of years of practice and proven physical and mental health benefits behind it. The question shouldn’t be if you’re going to practice yoga; the question should be how you’re going to work it into your life. We’ve filmed the best 10 minute yoga daily workout here at CoachUp HQ that you can incorporate into your daily routine when you wake up, right after work, school – whenever. Take it on vacation with you and take some time for yourself.

Yoga is a practice that people share together, but is really all about the individual. What’s best for some people may include some alternative poses to the ones we demonstrate here; it’s best to listen to your body. However, if you do not have any injury modifications, we recommend you follow along as this session aims to work the whole body.

Flow Breakdown:

Integration series:
  1. Mountain pose
  2. Inchworm out to high plank
  3. Hug elbows to your ribs to go to low plank
  4. Upward facing dog to downward facing dog (start with knees down/cobra modification)
  5. Walk hands to back to feet
  6. Repeat (this time you can do chaturanga (high to low plank) without dropping your knees)
Flow 1:
  1. From downward dog – 3-legged dog
  2. Hip opener with option ankle/knee rolls; back to 3-legged dog
  3. Runner’s lunge; send hips back and fold over straight front leg x 2-3
  4. High to low plank, upward to downward dog; repeat other side
Flow 2:
  1. 3-legged dog – knee to nose, left/right elbows
  2. Step foot between hands – half moon
  3. Warrior 2; reverse warrior
  4. High to low plank, upward to downward dog; repeat other side
Flow 3:
  1. From downward dog – step or jump feet to hands
  2. Chair pose; lift onto toes, slowly sit lower until seated
  3. Boat pose (legs bent with hands supporting, no support, full legs extension)
  4. Suptabadhakonasana (lie down on your back, knees bent and flop out to the sides, soles of feet touching); roll up to seated
Cool down:
  1. Seated tree
  2. Seated twist
  3. Finish seated with some deep breaths and eyes gently closed

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