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Softball Hitting Tips: How To Hit an Inside Pitch

CoachUp Coach and former University of Southern Maine player Jesse Hutchins shows how to successfully prepare for and hit an inside pitch.

Hi I’m Jesse Hutchins, former USM first baseman and CoachUp Coach. And this is hitting an inside pitch. The key to hitting an inside pitch is not to change the mechanics of your swing, but rather where you make contact with the ball. You’re gonna keep your eye on the ball and once you identify that it’s an inside pitch, you’re gonna move your hands to the ball. You’re gonna aim to connect with the ball before it gets to home plate, with the barrel of the bat directed to left field. Make contact with the ball in front of the plate. In front of the plate, you’ll have a better bat position and opportunity to hit the sweet spot of the bat.

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  1. don’t commit to the pitch/swing until you know exactly where it will cross the plane within strike zone parameters…rather than commit to the swing early and then speed your hands up to get ahead of the pitch-location: do this…absolutely, keep your weight back until you have decided on what I wrote above…rather than speeding your hands ahead, hold your centered-weight (vertically down through the mid-point of your thigh; you now know that the pitch is up in the strike zone, so lay off it… if you commit, you have the time to move your lead step a 1/2″ or more, to the left allowing your hands to swing ahead of the pitch for maximum contact…test yourself by just throwing your bat using the two aforementioned methods…you will see how you have lost power and distance with your hit…swinging higher is only going to produce ‘pop ups or clunker-ground balls and K’s…

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