Running Tips: The Leg Swing

Stretching before a running workout is extremely important. Use the leg swing to help improve your running experience and protect your body!

Hi I’m Joanna Murphy, I’m a New Balance Boston athlete, and CoachUp coach. And this, is the leg swing. Leg swings are great ways to get loose before a run or a hard workout, Like dynamic stretching, they are working the muscles’ lengthen and shorten position. But now we are just sort of adding a range of motion factor and using the momentum to shake things off. You wanna start by holding onto something, whatever is around you, whether it’s a tree or a fence, and her left leg is just gonna swing, and her right arm is gonna be along for the ride. You’re gonna feel a slight stretch on the back side of the leg as the leg comes up, and a stretch opening in the hip as the leg comes back.

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