Running Tips: Efficient Running Form

CoachUp Coach Victoria Barnaby gives instruction on efficient running form.

Victoria Barnaby: Hi I’m Victoria Barnaby, sponsored athlete for the Greater Boston Track Club and CoachUp coach. And this is efficient running form. Having proper running form is crucial for efficiency and speed. When it comes to proper running form for middle distance to distance running, it isn’t just all about the legs. It starts from the head, and goes all the way down to your toes. Looking at eyes, you’ll keep them gazing into the horizon, or at the shoulder of your competitor. Moving down to the shoulders, you’ll need to stay relaxed. This will set you up for proper arm forming. When you put out your arm, you’ll be at a 90 degree angle through your elbows. If you’re feeling tight, you wanna avoid bringing them up. A way to check this is to drop your arms, give them a shake, and bring in back to proper alignment. Moving down to your legs. When you drive your knee upward, you’re gonna avoid overextending. You’ll need to bring your lower leg, so that you strike your heel, underneath your knee. You’ll want to strike here, versus here, because this would be breaking your forward momentum. You need to pick up your knee, drop your heel, quickly move to midfoot and push off your toe for speedy turnover. This will not only make you efficient, but it will make sure your cadence is high, and your race is fast.

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