The first major factor to bear in mind is the length of the stick. A field hockey coach can show the player where the stick should hit them, which is usually an inch or two below their waistline when propping it on the ground against their leg. Correct positioning will let the player comfortably hold the stick while playing and avoid back pain from otherwise over bending to compensate for its length. Chances are an athlete’s field hockey coach will have multiple sticks and can give the athlete the chance to play with the different lengths.

The second factor players need to consider when selecting a stick is its weight. This is a critical place to check in with a field hockey coach or experienced player because different field positions often lean toward different weight sticks. On average, forwards have the lightest sticks at around nineteen to twenty ounces. Midfielder’s sticks tend to get a bit heavier, usually weighing twenty-one ounces, while defenders have the heaviest sticks that typically weigh twenty-two to twenty-four ounces. Players should talk to those playing the same position to see what their preferences are and test out their stick.

Finally, players should keep in mind the price point within which they want to stay. Like in many sports, field hockey equipment come in a large range of prices targeted toward athletes with different skill levels and brand preferences. With their experience, a field hockey coach can direct the player towards brands they feel are most suited for them and their skill level.

Players should keep their field hockey coaches and teammates close when selecting their perfect field hockey stick as they are a valuable resource in knowing what and what doesn’t work. Because at the end of the day, it is most important for the player to feel comfortable playing with the stick in order to perform their best on the field.

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