Finding a new pair of skis can be a daunting task. Whether you are a professional skier or just a beginner, there are six steps you can follow to find the perfect pair of skis for the season.


    1. Read a magazine – Go get a skiing magazine and do your research. Figure out what is new, changing or popular. Once you have a grasp on the year’s trends, you can begin narrowing down the search for your perfect pair of skis.



    1. Decide what kind of ski you want – Do you want a powder ski, a downhill ski, or maybe a twin-tipped park ski? There are numerous types of skis for any type of skier. Think about what mountain you will be skiing on most, and the type of terrain you plan to ski. Once you decide on the type of ski you want, you can once again narrow down your search.



    1. Go to your local ski shop – Find a local ski shop in your area and go check it out. Get your height and weight measured (remember that your ski length is dependent more on your weight) and figure out what ski length is right for you. Your fitness level will also play a part in determining the length of your ski. Walk around the shop and see what you like, and what catches your eye. Decide what you think you will like and what you think you will be most comfortable on.



    1. Demo your skis – If you can find a shop that will allow you to demo your skis before you buy them, DO IT. Being able to actually ride on the skis you are looking to buy could make a world of difference, and will help make the buying process much easier. Do your best to keep an open mind while riding as well. Try different skis, and also try different sizes of the same ski. You may discover that you are more comfortable on a slightly shorter or slightly longer ski.



    1. Research Prices – Once you are set on a pair of skis, do your research and find them for the best price possible. Search online, and go to as many local shops as you can. You never know who will be having sales or deals on the pair you happen to want. Additionally, look at gifts or specials you may receive with the skis. Many stores both online and off offer special gifts to sweeten the deal. Everything from lift tickets, to free tune ups, to future discounts could help you make your final decision. Lastly, consider who provides a money back guarantee. If for some reason you buy a pair of skis and decide you do not love them, make sure you can return them (within a reasonable time frame of course).



    1. Buy Your Skis – After finding the best possible deal, go buy your skis. You will not regret your decision. You have done all the research you could have possibly done, now it’s just time to enjoy the slopes.


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