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The team quest for winning is being given a bad name, and it’s degraded the effort of some coaches to actually win. Many coaches say winning is not important, but that is simply not true.

Coaching is teaching, and the performance of our students is in direct relationship with how well we teach them.

For example, a math class that has an average of 87% per student on an exam is an indication of how well they learned the material. It shows how the students understood the concepts the teacher tried to convey. That is winning in the classroom.

Successful teaching meets the needs of the students, and utilizes the learning methods the individual students best respond to, and it’s is the same for sports. Winning is an indication of the success of the teaching and learning process between the teacher (coach) and students (athletes). Understanding your assignments in football, for example, gives the player more of a chance to be successful on each play.

I coached the team in the picture above, and our practice environment was treated as a classroom for teaching and learning. Half of these players (including my son) were playing football for the first time. We won the championship against more talented teams and the state regional. We were rated #6 in the nation by the NFL Hall of Fame academy and played in the national tournament in Canton, Ohio.

Winning is not necessarily a goal–winning is an indication of successful teaching and learning.

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