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Basketball Tips: How To Do A Drop Step Baseline Move

Former Bowdoin center and CoachUp coach Mark Phillips shows how to do a drop step baseline move. It is a great way to stabilize and absorb contact when down low and going up for a layup.

Mark Phillips: Hi, I’m Mark Phillips, former Bowdoin center and CoachUp coach. And this is the drop step baseline. When you’re being forced to the baseline, you’re gonna wanna utilize the drop step. Once you’re in good low post position, take a big step towards the rim. After catching the ball, pivot with a big drop then GO. After the dribble, square your body and power up for a strong layup. Now if you stay low, your jump will be more explosive and make it easier for you to handle contact. GO. GET IN LOW POST POSITION/TAKE A BIG STEP TOWARDS THE RIM/PIVOT WITH DROPSTEP

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