Every sport requires athletes to bring specific gear on game day in order to assist athletes to reach their full potential. Athletes who decide to participate in a triathlon are no exception to this rule. Triathlon coaches have come up with a list of gear necessities they would suggest every athlete to bring with them on race day. Having the proper gear, especially for first time racers, is critical for a smooth triathlon race.


The most important gear athletes need during a triathlon is the equipment they need to complete the race. This includes the bike and helmet, running sneakers, and a swimsuit required for the biking, running, and swimming sections. All gear should be comfortable for the athletes and be tested and used multiple times during training. Triathlon coaches suggest not to skimp on quality just because of the price since usually more expensive gear is not only better made and lasts longer, but will also serve the athlete better.

The second major category of gear triathlon coaches advise their athletes look into for training and race day are things that will assist the athlete during the race. This category includes a water bottle, goggles, a swim cap, a towel, and a shirt. Obviously a water bottle comes in handy during sections of the race where hydration tents are not set up. Goggles and a swim cap often come in handy during the swim section, and a towel to clean off dirt and sand before putting on sneakers makes the running and biking more enjoyable. Also, many races require men to wear a shirt after the swim section of the race so having one on hand is crucial.

Finally, there are some items triathlon coaches would suggest the athletes consider for race day but are not necessities, which include sunglasses, shorts, and socks. Depending on the time of day and direction racers are heading, sunglasses can make seeing through the glare easier. Some athletes also like wearing shorts during the biking and running sections of the race. Depending on the type of shoes triathlon athletes wear, they may want to wear socks for added comfort and to deter blisters.

For first time triathlon athletes it is important to research what gear they will need during training and for the race day, making sure all gear has been tested and proved reliable. Athletes should remember above all that comfort is key when dealing with gear.