Becoming a Healthy Shopper

When it comes to grocery shopping, I must admit I used to HATE it.  

It's true - I never liked food shopping until recently. I think for me, there were way too many options to choose from. I hated reading labels to see if the item I was selecting was actually healthy. For example, deceiving labels would read 0% sugar or sugar free - but if you read the ingredients there is sugar listed at 45% of your daily sugar intake (masked as corn syrup or fructose). Yes, it confusing and frustrating to say the least. But there is hope, keep reading. 

Here are a few things I do before and during the times I grocery shop: 

I'm on social media a lot.  I'm reviewing articles and/or watching videos of all kinds of recipes. One of my favorite video sources is Tasty. I love their videos; they show you how to make certain foods and what you need to buy to make those dishes. I'll watch the video in it's entirety, then if it's something I want to try, I'll review again and take notes. I take a screenshot of my notes and voila! Now I have my grocery shopping list on my phone! Super easy right?

I shop along the perimeter of the store as often as possible. Unless you need something like spices, the perimeter of the store has ALL the food groups you need. Fresh fruits, veggies, dairy and meats. Try to avoid the inner aisles if at all possible, this is normally where the processed foods are located.

Another thing I avoid is shopping for more than 1-2 days worth of food from the grocery store. I will shop for my dinner meal  and with that one meal I will have enough for my lunch for the following day. 

Finally, I do bulk shopping for a lot of items. I'm a Costco girl. I shop there for my cases of almond milk, 2 dozen eggs, cans of tuna, nuts and some fruits and bulk supply of greens (kale, spinach, mixed bags), that will last me a little over a week.  If you know how to preserve and care for your food, it will last.    

That's my take on being a healthy shopper. Message me to let me know what you do!

Happy Shopping!


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