Golfers sometimes have trouble figuring out what exactly to do while on the range. There are so many aspects they could practice, but time constraints can hold them back from practicing everything. However, practicing everything is not impossible. Here are 3 tips to keep your time at the golf range as productive as possible:

1. Use a Variety of Clubs

Many golfers like to go to the golf range solely to hit their driver because it’s fun to see the ball go a long way. However, this strategy is not productive and can wear you out faster than a normal trip to the golf range. In order to have a productive time, start by hitting your 7 iron, moving up every other club until you hit your driver. After hitting the driver, move on to the wedges that you skipped over. Hitting your wedges at the driving range will help to strengthen your short game.

2. Take Your Time

Your time on the golf range is supposed to be fun as well as productive. Don’t rush through your bucket of balls. Take your time and have fun. By taking your time, you will stay fresh longer and be more productive. When you get to the range, warm up. Take two clubs in your hands and swing them normally. After doing this, swinging one club will be a breeze. Again, rushing right to your driver is not a productive practice and simply wastes your range balls.

3. Practice All Types of Shots

The range is the perfect place to practice the different shots you might encounter while on the golf course. From drives to pitch shots to high wind shots, every swing on the course is equally important and should be treated that way on the range. Repetition means everything in golf. Practicing everything will, in turn, make you better at all aspects of your game.

If you use these 3 tips every time you go to the driving range, you will begin to see improvements to your game. Small changes in golf can sometimes make the biggest differences.