Youth Sports at Old Tiger Stadium set for Spring 2017

Youth Sports at Old Tiger Stadium set for Spring 2017

(Thanks to Pendulum Studios for allowing us to share their great photo — it looks gorgeous!)

So often, many of the youth sports-related news we deliver here is sad — there’s no two ways around it. Between costs, injuries, and potential elitism, it’s fair to say that country-wide press about the topic usually isn’t positive. And yet, we’re proud to announce, that is not why we’re writing this blog post today.

Finally, after much deliberation, Old Tiger Stadium, the park that the Detroit Tigers played in until 2000, will not be demolished and will be used as a youth sports facility instead. Although officials are currently debating whether the field will stick with grass or have turf put down, this is obviously fantastic news for the otherwise dormant and historic piece of baseball history.

In an article written by Louis Aguilar of The Detroit News, he details that the stadium was set to be destroyed in 2008 for financial purposes, but now will be the home of many youth sports activities in conjunction with the Detroit Police Athletic League. According to Aguilar, over $12 million was raised in order to keep the plan on track to support football, baseball, and soccer in the stadium as soon as spring of 2017. As we’re accustomed to more sobering youth sports news, it’s incredible to be able to recognize and celebrate this fantastic news for the next generation of athletes in Detroit.

Besides, who would pass up the opportunity to field grounders on such hallowed grounds? Consider my bucket list updated. Heck, maybe you could even have a CoachUp session on the field, how cool would that be? For more information on booking with us, click the button before and get started!

The Detroit News — Old Tiger Stadium to host youth sports, artificial turf

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