Your Runner’s High Is Now Scientifically Proven

Finally, there is an answer to the long-discussed runner’s high and the impending euphoria that goes with it — and its name is irisin. This hormone is directly released into the bloodstream, which is often why athletes may feel strong and invincible during or just following any intense workout, run, or game. There’s been heated debate over the cause of this bodily high and scientists have now confirmed that it’s likely irisin that triggers it. The hormone is thought to boost our expendable energy and control our blood sugar levels, helping you work hard at the end of a sprint or over the last seconds of a game. The full research, which can be found in the journal Cell Metabolism, details the team’s use of mass spectrometry to find sources of irisin in the blood immediately after exercise. Although the reason for release in humans is still relatively unknown, studies suggest that high-intensity exercises could be a likely cause. Of course, these benefits are great for every athlete, no matter what level you compete at. It may be difficult to continue during the toughest moments, but remember that your body will reward you for all that hard work eventually! Cell Metabolism — Detection and Quantitation of Circulating Human Irisin by Tandem Mass Spectrometry

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