Yoga Tips: How To Do The Bridge Pose

CoachUp Coach and Vinyasa yoga instructor Meghan Quinn walks through the steps of the bridge pose.

Meghan Quinn: Hi, my name is Meghan Quinn, vinyasa yoga instructor, and CoachUp coach. Bridge pose is a great posture to open up the front of the chest and it is also a heart opener so you feel energized after the pose. To commit to bridge pose, you’re gonna start lying down on your back. You bend both knees, placing the soles of the feet on the ground, and to make sure your feet are close enough, see if you can graze the back of the heels with your hands. If you can’t, you’re gonna walk your feet a little bit closer til they touch, and then you press down to the soles of the feet as you lift your hips away from the floor, and you can stay here, or you can tuck one shoulder at a time, and then clasp your hands beneath you. Hold anywhere between three and five breaths. When you’re ready to come out you can unclasp your hands, untuck one shoulder at a time, and then slowly roll downward, vertebrae, by vertebrae.

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