In the sense of your baby’s healthy development, there are important benefits of Yoga’s regular practice.

In this period, we undergo several changes as physically, mentally and emotionally. We get positive energy by clearing body, mind and emotions with yog techniques. It is possible to live this special period healthy, peaceful and happy with yoga. Pregnant Yoga is indispensable for expectant mothers for a comfortable pregnancy, for an easy birth and a rapid recovery after birth.

At Yoga Programme for Pregnants, first of all we start to training with breathe techniques just as we start to live with breathe. Because oxygen content as well as nutrition is very important for baby’s healthy growth in mother’s womb. Moreover, we need to take oxygen not only for us but also for our baby, so our oxygen need increases.

Thanks to abdomen, breast, shoulder and complete yoga breathes that we apply, baby’s oxygenation increases as a result of expectant mother’s relaxation. Plenty oxygen intake makes important contributions to baby’s healthy growth. Breathe exchanges rally and lungs get stronger. Thus, oxygen content in the blood increase.

Applied abdomen breathe ensures full employment of diaphragm muscle and makes massage to abdomen internal organs. Besides, in the situations of nervousness, discomfort, sleeplessness and tension diaphragm muscle causes for more load to heart by straining. With abdomen breathe, diaphragm muscles starts to work and the load of hearth gets relaxed. Firstly, anxieties get decreased, you feel relaxed and your nerves will get loosen. Relaxed nervous system ensures your baby to be peaceful.

Abdomen breathe helps hypogastrium muscles to develop and eases vaginal delivery. Cardiovascular system rallies and applied breathe techniques cause for endorphin secretion to the blood. Thanks to these very powerful brain chemicals, pain and aches remove whereas fear and concerns are removed.

In addition, during tension and stress adrenaline content will increase quickly. This will cause stenosis of veins that go to your baby and affect baby’s diet negatively.

Not only breathes but also stand techniques are prerequisite for a comfortable pregnancy. Stand techniques help us to accommodate easier to the changes at the body. Muscles elasticize and get stronger indigenously without any difficulty. Hip joints and muscles get ready to birth. By this means, aches and compulsions before birth and during birth will be minimized.

Back, waist or coccyx aches, which exist on the spine during pregnancy because of the increased body weight, will be decreased. Muscle instability will be removed in a very short time. Muscles on the right and left sides of the body have the same strength and flexibility. Thus, body coordination will be ensured and balance loss, which is caused by the increased body aches because of pregnancy, will be decreased. Cramps probable during further periods of pregnancy will be prevented by throwing away the tension on the muscles. Excessive water retention in the body in other words oedema will be removed. Liver, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid gland will be refreshed. Pregnancy diabetes, which is frightening dream of the pregnants nowadays, can be prevented, insulin will be equilibrated and metabolism rallied. Skin bends, blood build up increases and cracks will be avoided. Weight will be compensated, heartbeats and functions rally, immune system strengthen. Body resistance against diseases increase. Each type respiration, digestion, circulation illness will be prevented or existing illnesses recover quickly.

On Yoga for Pregnants Programme thanks to concentration, meditation and deep relaxation techniques nervous system relaxes, it is ensured for both you and your baby to be peaceful. Before the birth an adoring communication develops between mother and baby and attachment develops. After the birth, negative feelings that may appear are removed. Opposite feelings that exist during this period calms down, tension decreases. Aches based on tension are removed.

In addition, because mother is more powerful and resistant to the big change that will happen after the birth depression after birth will not happen. Yoga, which helps to pass this very important period by making pregnancy easier, ensure the recovery of the body in a very short time after the birth.

Except all of these, babies of mothers who make Yoga regularly are more calm, more happy and more smart…
Shortly, benefits of pregnant yoga are innumerable!

You can join the program in every stage. The best time is the time which your doctor gives approve that you can attend to the practices. Your pregnancy will be unproblematic as how much as you are healthy. Shortly, the sooner you start the better it is but you are never late!

You can join our trainings although you have never done yoga in your life. Because, yoga for pregnants program that we apply is reliable and is a training prepared by specially consultants. It is reliable and rather different from the programmes that you will apply in any gymnasium or a yoga center. Therefore, you can apply it hands down from the first day until the last day of pregnancy.

*In some situations ladies cannot become pregnant because of different health problems or although there isn’t any health problem in couples pregnancy doesn’t occur. In such cases by applying right techniques from Yoga System ladies can become pregnant naturally.