When an Athlete Learns to Trust You | CoachUp Success Story

When an athlete learns to trust you

CoachUp success story between Coach Freeman and Tara.

Tara: My favorite event has to be long jump cuz I like the height I get in the air. I feel like I’m flying.

Ty: I’ve been coaching Tara since she was four, but I knew that she needed to go to the next level.

Tara: My dad knew that he couldn’t coach me in all my events so we decided look for a private coach.

Ty: That’s when I sought out Coach Freeman. I was on the fence, so to say, on releasing completely, but after I saw how she started to improve I was able to take a big step back. I knew that he was a coach for my daughter.

Coach: As I looked at her biomechanics and found out what would be the best way to increase her speed and increase her intensity.

Tara: The way I came out of the blocks was just terrible and he fixed almost all of my flaws.

Ty: Coach Freeman was really good at helping her prepare for her races. You could see what she warmed up is actually how she competed. And then she was able to, ah, start beating the competition. From that point on I don’t think I’ve ever see her lose a race.

Tara: I’ve been PRing almost every meet.

Ty: She’s broken every school record that she was competing in those events.

Coach: She’s ranked nationally in four events right now and she’s only a sophomore. I can see her running in the next Olympics if she stays with her training.

Tara: We’ve gotten so close over the 3 years, he’s like a dad right now. Like his kids are like my brothers, like I could tell ’em anything. I can’t even explain how fun it’s been.

Coach: When an athlete learns to trust you as a coach and they start to see results, then they’re empowered to wanna do better for you but also want to do better for themselves.

Ty: I’ve seen her her grades increase and a lot of that is with Coach Freeman being in her ear telling her that, you know, you need to take the same work ethic that you have now on the track back into the classroom. Knowing that we’re dealing with someone that cares for the athlete, cares about their well-being. Was good to have someone that would speak honestly about our child.

Tara: He doesn’t really tell me like, “Hey you have to win!” He like pushes me to the limit where like he knows I’ll succeed.

Coach: That’s probably what I’m most proud of, is the fact that I might have given just her one small element, but I know that element will travel with her no matter where she goes.

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