Elevate Your Game With Private Coaching

Private volleyball coaching has been proven to help athletes reach their full potential by increasing ability and fitness while minimizing injury. By working one-on-one with a coach, athletes receive valuable individual attention and instruction. Coaches can target areas for improvement and work to fill in any gaps in playing or technique in order to maximize performance capabilities. Private volleyball training is often more constructive than group sessions or practice, making it a powerful tool for the individual volleyball athlete. So if you’re not getting enough individual time at practices, consider booking one of CoachUp’s private trainers in put you on the right path for success.

Developing an Edge

Private lessons are a great way to prepare an athlete for school or club teams, providing extra practice so they can gain an edge over the competition. By focusing on specific skills and techniques, private coaching prepares players to play at the next level by sharpening existing skills as well as introducing new weapons to their arsenal.

Additionally, most players are looking for a mentor in the sport to provide encouragement when they need a confidence boost, motivation when they lose focus, and instruction when they need to further develop technical skills. With private training, athletes are able to establish more personal relationships with a respective coach and learn from the source. This is beneficial because it provides an athlete with a clear path to success and a direction resource for support.


While training in group sessions, lessons can typically involve just a general, basic overview of the essentials, but a private coach is tailored to the needs of the individual athlete. Unfortunately, a coach might not be aware of specific player necessities or have time to share them with the athlete, so private training ensures unique instruction. Players with individualized instruction on their position have the ability to make significant gains that will help take their game to the next level.

Instruct to Improve

Additionally, private coaching allows the player to receive instruction in the most conducive way, so that the directions really stick. At the end of the day, no two players have the same specific needs for increasing their skills — some players are more visual and others respond better to spoken word — so why settle for just one? With private lessons, athletes are able to get the most out of their coach’s instruction and work directly on what they need to improve.

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Huddle Up

Private volleyball training is a valuable resource that gives athletes the ability to have a coach who specializes in their personal position. This focused approach gives privately coached athletes a competitive advantage over those working towards their goals solely in a group setting. It provides the opportunity for athletes to expand upon their knowledge, experience, and desire, ultimately working towards success the next time they’re on the court. What are you waiting for?

Be prepared for the biggest moments by mastering the small ones off the court. 

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