Using the CoachUp App to Find Quality Private Coaching in Minutes

My son’s basketball team just started their back to school session in one of the premier leagues in the Indianapolis area. I’m one of the coaches, and this will be the third session with this group of kids. This session will be one of the most fun but also most challenging for us.

The first two sessions were played at the 1st/2nd grade level with 1st/2nd grade rules. Now we’re moving up to the big time. The kids are going into the 3rd grade and playing by 3rd grade rules. That means 10 foot rims versus 9 foot. It means all types of defenses are allowed — zone, trapping, and even full court. It ultimately means our kids are going to have to increase their skill level and up their understanding of the game if we are going to compete.

Helping our kids’ skill development

My son did pretty well at the 1st/2nd grade level, and was one of the league’s better ball-handlers. But this session he’ll be challenged as well as all the other kids on our team. So, I’ve been trying to figure how to best help them improve their skills so we can compete against teams in this league. It’s a challenge because we have one practice per week and then one or two games on Sunday. I’ve been considering training my son and his teammates on non-game and non-practice days to help with this.

No time to train myself

I’m qualified to train as I’ve coached youth sports for the past 9-10 years, played ball winning an Indiana High School state championship in basketball, being awarded a basketball scholarship (NCAA D2), and starting for my college team for four years. However, I’m not sure I have the time to train. Another solution is to find a private coach in my area. Living in Indiana, where basketball is a religion to some, I know trainers come a dime a dozen. But the quality of each is unknown, and I didn’t have time to do trial and error on private coaches.

Your source for quality private coaching

So, I thought — CoachUp! And discovered there’s an app for that. The CoachUp app. Did you know CoachUp has an app to help you find quality private coaching in your area? And the best part is each coach is assigned a rating, so you can let the app tell you whether this coach will work for you or not. I was so pleased to find this! Little did I know there are several CoachUp coaches in my area, I even know one of them personally, so I know what the reviews say are true! CoachUp has done it again by providing a great resource geared toward helping athlete’s take it to the next level through private coaching. Now I have the option, do the private coaching for my son and possibly his teammates, or find the best private coach to meet our needs in helping our kids get better at the sport they love to play.

Have you tried out the free CoachUp app yet? Be sure to check it out on either your iPhone or Android device.

photo credit: Jeff Pioquinto, SJ via photopin cc

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