Tumbling Workout Routine for the Off-season

Tumbling is a discipline practiced across multiple sports including gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. Though tumbling is mostly used in year-round sports, there is typically an off-season that consists of training only and no competitions. During this time, it is beneficial to work drills that will help develop body shaping for upper-level skills. There are many at-home workouts that you can easily do outside of your regularly scheduled practice to further improve during this time. Below you will find a workout that is designed to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and stamina. You can complete the workout below with a basic panel mat or a yoga mat. For best results, complete the exercises in order—Always be sure to have adult supervision while completing home workouts.

At-home tumbling workouts to develop body shaping


Straddle, reach to each side, then to middle (point the toes)

Pike (point and flex feet)

Butterfly (nose to toes)

Roll out wrists & ankles

Shoulder stretch

Splits (right, left, and center)


5x Backwards roll to plank (hold hollow shape and engage core when landing)

10x Handstands (try to stack wrists, shoulders, hips, and feet)

5x Cartwheel (dominant leg)

5x Cartwheel (opposite leg)

5x Kneel to round off rebound (be sure the rebound travels slightly back)

3x Elbow bridges to 3 rocks

1x Bridge hops (total of 5)

1x Bridge leg lifts (lift each leg 3x)

Back Handspring

5x Hip lift: table top, keep hips up, extend legs (keep ankles together)

30 seconds – Superman hold

10x Straight jumps back, arms swing up (work on timing)

5x Arms up, hips up lying down (swing arms fast)

10x Plank shoulder shrugs

10x Donkey kicks snaps downs

Back Tuck

10x Rocking calf raises, heel to toe arms up

5x Knees hop up to feet

5x Knees hop up to feet, tuck rock

5x Knees hop up to feet, tuck rock then to roll

20x Reverse crunches


30 seconds – Half hollow body, hold upper body only

30 seconds – Half hollow body, hold lower body only

20 seconds – Hollow body rockers

Depending on your stamina, you may choose to repeat the workout for up to three rounds. The biggest focus should be on shoulder flexibility and core stability.

At Tumble Method, we inspire and enhance athletic skills for tumblers of all ages. Our method, The Tumble Method, will instill a work ethic, encourage athletes to perform at their highest altitude, and make them better athletes all around. We offer in person private lessons in the Orlando area, and book virtual clients internationally through CoachUp. This year, we will be launching several online programs that will include classes in tumbling, jumps, flyer stretching, conditioning, cheer tryout prep, and so much more!

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Coach Ashley is a dancing, cheer, and tumbling coach with over 10 years of experience. You can find her CoachUp profile here and start booking lessons with her today!

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