Triathlon Tips: Triathlon Transition 2

CoachUp coach and Team USA triathlete Medena Knespl explains how crucial transitions are in a triathlon, and how to efficiently transition from biking to running.

Hi I’m Medena Knespl Team USA triathlete and CoachUp coach. And this is triathlon transition 2. Transitions are really important part of triathlon because you are really able to gain or lose a large amount of time. So in the last 400 meters of the bike leg you’re really going to have to start thinking about getting your feet out of your shoes. So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna look straight ahead at the road so I’ve got full control of my bike by keeping my hands straight on the hurts. Looking straight at the road I’m gonna reach down take the velcro off my bike shoe and put my foot straight on the top, like that. Once you’ve got the other foot out, you can dismount, make sure you know where the dismount line is, bring your outside foot around the bike and you’re gonna get off the bike.

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