Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time

Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time

Thanks to March Madness, we’re in the thick of sports luxury right now! Of course, spring training is in full swing and the NBA + NHL playoffs are right around the corner, but who are the best coaches? In order to celebrate this influx of athletic competition, we’re examining the coaches that led some of our favorite teams to glory. Our friends over at Ohio University’s Online Masters in Coaching sent over a fantastic infographic that we wanted to share. Ultimately, the best trainers are those that use their positions as teachers to shape the athletes around them. These selected coaches worked tirelessly to master their particular sports and their preparation is unrivaled! Below, you’ll find their picks for the Top 5 Most Inspirational Sports Coaches of All-Time — but do you agree with the list? Let us know who missed the cut and take some time to enjoy their wonderful work. We’ll be back tomorrow to take a look at some of the Most Motivational Speeches of All-Time, so this is just a warm-up!

Top 5 Coaches Ohio University — Master of Coaching Education

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