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The Legends of Basketball Collection: Advice and Tales from NBA Legends

To become great, you have to put in the work. You have to commit to putting in the time. It takes hours in the gym. Hours of studying game film. Hours of trying and failing. Hours of battling on the block and stroking from beyond the arc. The Legends of the National Basketball Retired Players Association put in the work. They committed to achieving greatness by shooting free throws for hours after practice. They sweated through shuttle drills until they were ready to drop. As a result of their commitment and hard work, they played thousands of hours at the highest level of professional basketball. In this guide you will see:

Former NBA legends share their secrets of the game

nba legends

Stories of great coaches and mentors that impacted their development

nba legends

Advice to reach Another Level™ on and off the court

nba legends

In this guide you will find advice and tales from 23 legends of basketball. Read on for the stories of commitment, hours of hard work, and dedication that led each player to professional basketball and to their legendary status. 

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