With the fall high school swim season quickly approaching, it’s time to make sure you’re in great shape before you hop back in the pool. Here are some swimming tips to keep you from feeling like a fish out of water:

Swim: You’ve got to bite the bullet and get back in the water sometime, so why not start before the first practice? By starting early, you’ll be ahead of the game and feel confident at the first practice. Since it’s summer and hopefully warm, take advantage of this good weather and swim outside. All pools in California, Florida, and many other states are outdoor pools. Use this as an excuse to get your tan on while getting ready for your upcoming season. If you can’t find a pool, try some open water swimming in a pond, lake or ocean. It’s a great change of pace and will really help increase your endurance!

Run: Yes, a lot of swimmers do say “I swim because I can’t run.” However, it is incredibly important to cross train and build up endurance through running workouts, especially if you can’t get in a pool. Try running 3-5 miles a few times a week or a track workout for some interval training.

Abs: A strong core is crucial to success in swimming. It helps with turns, keeping you swimming straight and overall body position. Be sure to do a 10 minute ab workout 4-5 days a week leading into your swim season.

Dryland: Besides abs, there are a lot of dryland exercises you can do to prepare for the upcoming swim season. Try some squats or pushups to shape up some of those crucial swimming muscles from the comfort of your own home.

Cross the t’s, dot the i’s: You’re about to have a lot of your time consumed by swimming. Make sure everything is in order so that you aren’t overwhelmed when the season starts. Get your school supplies, start getting on the right sleep schedule, and fuel your body right so you’re ready to rock that first day of practice.

By following these instructions, you’ll get yourself in great shape and ready to have a stellar high school swim season!

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