Sports Psychology: The Key to Success

Athletes and coaches train vigorously in practice and in the gym to be successful in their sport. However, many coaches, athletes, and parents neglect the idea that in order to be successful, it is primarily a mental game. When athletes spend hours and hours learning new techniques to improve their game, they must make sure they apply what they learn in competition. Putting new habits into action can be hard, and athletes must be able to focus on making adjustments and sticking to them. Overcoming the mental barrier of changing your game deals completely with your performance mindset and ability to be confident in your game.

Here are seven steps to improve your mental game.

Seven Steps to Success

Make a commitment to grow daily
Practice, practice, practice! In order to grow in your individual sport daily, you must pay attention to your instruction and focus on repetition. With each day that passes, you will be able to work on and eventually master a new technique for your game.
Value the process more than events
When athletes focus too much on specific tournaments or games that are in the future, they are not placing their full attention and effort toward getting there. It is the process that allows you to make it to these events.
Don’t wait for inspiration
While your parents or siblings may be your inspiration for playing a sport, go out and get yourself a personal coach who can inspire you with specific goals and training mechanisms to get you to the next level.
Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity
While devoting all of your time to practicing, traveling for competitions, and playing in tournaments may seem exhausting, it is absolutely worth it. Provide yourself with a goal, and when you reach it, reward yourself with a fun activity with friends. Succeeding in your sport is definitely pleasurable.
Dream big
Do not limit your potential to something small. Realize that you are capable of anything. Make the effort to reach and exceed your personal goals both on and off of the field.
Plan your priorities
With an athletic perspective on your individual priorities, decide what is significant and what can be done at another time.
Give up to go up
Once you have decided what is important to you in your athletic career, realize what you must give up in order to move forward and succeed.

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