Softball Catcher Drills

It is crucial, for those new to the game of softball, to try every position to see which they are good at and enjoy playing. However, once you have established a position of choice, it makes the most sense to focus your softball training specifically to that position. Drill #1 – As a catcher, you will have to learn how to catch pitches that may be well outside of the strike zone. Additionally, you will be responsible for throwing out stealing base runners. A good drill to practice both of these skills is called quick feet. Have a partner stand about 20 feet away and throw pitches outside of the strike zone to your right and left. Keeping your hips up, shuffle your feet right or left to catch the ball, then assume the throwing position as if the runner were stealing second base. Instead of making the throw, freeze in that position to check your alignment. Repeat this sequence on the other side to practice moving your feet right and left. Drill #2 – Another responsibility that catchers have is catching foul balls behind the plate. This can be more difficult than it looks and requires a lot of practice. One drill to work on this skill requires you to lay on your stomach. Have a partner throw a high pop fly in the air and yell “GO.” Have the catcher pop up off the ground, locate the ball, move into position, and make the catch. Foul balls come off the bat in all different directions and a catcher must react quickly to this scenario. Utilizing a drill such as this one, will allow players to learn to react rapidly and locate the ball in the air. Foul balls can make for easy outs at crucial points in the game, especially if your catcher is well trained in making clean plays on foul tips. Once you have determined which position you prefer to play and seem to have a knack for, it is crucial to focus your softball training to that position specifically. The number of different drills is vast, be sure to utilize all of the resources available, including private coaching.

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